Redefining a new culture through bespoke learning at Natural Resources Wales

July 19, 2019

The challenge

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is the largest Welsh Government Sponsored Body. Formed in 2013 from the merger of Countryside Council for Wales, Environment Agency Wales, the Forestry Commission Wales and several Welsh Government functions, the company needed to homogenise overdue training across the entire organisation of almost 2,000 employees. The focus was on middle management and their ability to effectively manage and steer newly formed teams through this period of great change where many operations would be in a state of flux for long periods.

With a lack of internal resources NRW used the Crown Commercial Service  Framework RM3822 to access Managed Learning Services provided by Knowledgepool. They were keen to partner with a provider who could support them in developing a full end-to-end learning programme for their middle managers on general managerial development and change management. 

They needed a provider who understood their unique situation and possessed the capabilities to design a learning programme tailored to their requirements and delivered across various locations. The programme itself also needed to be able to tackle the internal issues that were occurring within their disparate workforce as people were feeling demotivated, with the transformation bringing uncertainty over jobs. The training needed to incorporate the visions of ‘shifting of people’s mindsets’ and ‘redefining a new culture’ that would filter through the new organisation.

The solution

Having development an understanding of NRW’s newly formed organisational structure, their challenges, and the change that was taking place, we designed, delivered and tracked a fully managed bespoke learning programme to middle-management.

The programme comprised of five one-day workshops that covered subjects such as management excellence, influencing in management and building effective teams. The learning was delivered through our Direct Delivery solution that offers organisations the flexibility to target a specific learning need from change management to inductions and health and safety.

These workshops have been delivered over an 18-month period to allow time for learnings to be integrated into working life so effective management of employees through the change was occurring during this time.

The outcome

We have been working with NRW over the last 14 months to deliver management programmes across change and excellence to transform the workplace culture and mindset, level-out training across management and transform ways of working across the business so they are harmonised.

During this period our team achieved:

Increased learner knowledge – Knowledge of managing change and management frameworks went from 66% having poor to fair knowledge prior to training, compared to completion where 91% reported now possessing good or excellent knowledge

Demonstrable impact of training – 88% of learners said they regularly use what they learnt in their day-to-day role

Learner satisfaction – The application of Myers–Briggs Type Indicator in training has now become the most requested learning for managers to carry out with their teams

Continued support – The success of the learning has led to NRW looking to develop more training with us and to develop managers further once the change project has ended

A defined L&D programme for the company – The programme has now been rolled out as BAU in their new L&D curriculum.

The future

Our immediate focus is to complete the roll out of the managerial training programme. Once completed, we’ll continue to work with NRW in developing the programme to become a certified training accreditation within the business.  

What Natural Resources Wales say:

“The programme delivered by Knowledgepool has been well received.  The programme came during a period of uncertainty for many staff and it helped many to focus on their own development and roles.  Staff feedback was that the course was thought provoking and informative, with many returning to their day job and putting into practice what they had learnt. It also enabled people from different areas of the organisation to come together and share their experiences. From the development stages to the delivery, the support we received from Knowledgepool was excellent.  The programme will continue to run going forward to support us in developing team leaders that NRW can be proud of.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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