Transforming the management of learning for a world leading provider of trade related credit insurance

August 13, 2018

The Challenge

In 2011, one of the world’s leading providers of trade related credit insurance, was managing its training within local teams, on an ad-hoc basis, across a number of different regions and departments. There was no formal tracking of training meaning that the company had no visibility of overall business spend on training or Return on Investment.

In addition, the company was looking to transform the overall culture of the business. Based on a philosophy of Transparency, Respect, Ownership, Feedback and Innovation, the business was keen to respond to employee feedback by improving engagement and encouraging positive change.

The Solution

To address each of these challenges, the company partnered with Knowledgepool to implement a full scale managed learning program across all of their global offices.

Knowledgepool deployed a dedicated team of multi-lingual advisors to support the company learners across six regions and 34 countries. The expert team provide advice and guidance, manage all bookings, support with all employee learning enquiries, including those around professional qualifications, external room booking and personal development issues. In addition to this they manage the entire purchasing chain from booking through to purchase order handling, financial queries and general email management.

We provide a bespoke learning portal to support learning and development needs with a comprehensive catalogue of instructor-led and digital training courses. We source training specifically to meet the needs of the company business, linking learning needs and demand forecasting with our dedicated training supplier procurement function.

The portal has been designed to drive and shape the company’s culture. Through our learning portal we deliver programmes with company-wide impact, supporting the key strategic objectives of the company, inspiring employee ownership of learning and development.

Knowledgepool worked very closely with key the company stakeholders to develop and launch an Academy in February 2012. The Academy, promotes unified standards and values. It includes consistent use of corporate terminology, defined processes, and the tools needed to consolidate learning efforts across the company. The initiative has leveraged the collective expertise and resources of the company’s learning and development team and has gone on to link this with existing talent management processes. It is the one-stop-shop for managers looking to find the right learning solutions for their teams.

The Outcome

The Managed Learning Service has provided the following benefits to the company:

  • Enhanced course booking experience and training administration
  • Easy-to-access, multi-lingual advice and support on learning options via a helpdesk – accessible by email, telephone or online portal
  • A learning curriculum which better matches the development needs of business units, and advice on team learning options
  • Better processes, with improved information on learning options allowing confident selection of the best learning choices
  • Tighter controls on wastage through better planning based on more accurate Management Information and accurate estimates of future business needs
  • A more systematic approach to quality control based on comprehensive Management Information
  • Consolidated management and tracking of all training via a single service provider
  • Excellence in supplier management and sourcing
  • Richer training Management Information enabling close monitoring of spending patterns and the efficiency of training resources used.

As a result of our service, the company has a learning curriculum that better matches the development needs of business units.

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