Supporting Distributed Learners In The Pharmaceuticals Sector

August 10, 2018

The Challenge

Initially, the multinational pharmaceutical company engaged with Knowledgepool to investigate and analyse the options for a centralised learning function to overcome the challenges experienced through several business sites operating independently, leading to inconsistent and disconnected learning provision. Through this consultancy exercise we made recommendations that provided the company with a roadmap for streamlining its learning provision: to save costs whilst improving the quality of learning and enabling the learning to be managed strategically from the centre.

The Solution

In 2012 our managed learning service partnership began. Knowledgepool supports the company in 12 locations providing a learning management service that includes our learning system frontend, managing a range of technical and non-technical training, and ensuring that the company’s employees are supported throughout the training process. Our service also supports their desire to make greater use of e-learning, using our expertise in combination with accrued benchmark data and historic MI to help the company make smart decisions.

We support best practice, for example: identifying that sites were managing the outcomes of employee performance reviews differently and creating separate and inconsistent Individual Development Plans (IDP).

Knowledgepool has worked closely with the company’s Development Team to create an official IDP process that is now in place and rolled out to all sites for training requirements. This allows the company to have one process offering a consistent approach for the development team, enabling us to identify course synergies across sites as well as ensuring that employees all receive the same level of service.

The Outcome

Since our appointment as the company’s managed service partner we have helped achieve several strategic goals. These include driving down average training delegate day rate charges by almost 25% (from £160 to £122) while achieving a continually increasing average of Level 1 evaluation scores, e.g. 84.5% in 2014; 87.2% in 2015.

Knowledgepool has consolidated the supplier base from over 800 vendors to a core offering of 120 specialist partners; improving venue utilisation and lowering course cancellations through more intelligent scheduling, and actively managing their delegate bookings without any drops in service.

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