Supporting a leading UK based financial services group with large-scale learning management transformation

August 10, 2018

The Challenge

Knowledgepool has delivered a learning transformation programme for a leading UK based financial services group, saving over £45M and increasing the quality of learning.

In 2011 a leading UK based financial services company commenced its search for a partner to provide a Managed Learning Service for the sourcing and administration of all learning and development activities for its 80,000 colleagues globally – accounting for over £35M learning and development spend per annum.

The Solution

Selected as the company’s Strategic Learning Partner, Knowledgepool undertook the large-scale learning transformation programme. The service was established to provide central, first line support team to handle all learning requests from colleagues and learning stakeholders including scheduling the company’s in-house curriculum and instructors.

As part of the transformation we scrutinised the supply base of over 1,300 distributed learning suppliers. We used our extensive and comprehensive supplier network and scale of operation to obtain good prices from best of breed providers, and provided the ability to buy better in the marketplace and more consistently across the company.

The Outcome

Through the partnership Knowledgepool has helped the company to realise over 25% like-for-like savings in third-party training spend – equating to over £40M across the initial contractual term.

Our service has proved a key supporting pillar for the company’s award-winning Learning Transformation Programme that has delivered:

  • A greater volume of more effective training with improved employee engagement at lower cost
  • Innovation and measurable value through its significant learning investments.
  • Simplified access to training for employees through integration of Knowledgepool’s systems into the company’s intranet and LMS (SABA).

Our strategic learning consultancy team interfaces with the company’s learning stakeholders to deliver its wider learning strategy which includes:

  • Analysing forecast and historical training activity
  • Advising on more efficient and effective ways of improving the performance of learning to meet business needs
  • A mutually-owned value release plan.

We continually review all external training activity and provide benchmarking analysis to uncover opportunities to consolidate programmes, courses and suppliers to make recommendations based on learning impact evaluation. the company makes the final choice for each learning intervention, with assurance of our intimate knowledge of the learning marketplace, advising and directing its stakeholders to the best-fit solution to each learning need.

The Future

In 2015, the company renewed its contract with us for a further three years. The comprehensive review leading to this decision identified several critical success factors from our partnership including our:

  • Consistently high quality learning administration and Help Desk responsiveness
  • Demonstrated savings of over £40M
  • Reduced administration headcount by over 200 employees
  • Pro-active consultancy, delivering strategic improvements to the performance of the company’ learning function
  • Proven track record of delivering the company’s learning transformation programme.

We continue to remain committed to delivering a further £4.8M savings and added value as the company’s Strategic Learning Partner.

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