Introducing efficient and effective sourcing and a streamlined approach to learning

August 13, 2018

The Challenge

The large retail general insurance company sought to reduce its overall spend on learning through the consolidation of suppliers, the introduction of more efficient and effective sourcing and procurement procedures and a streamlined approach to learning administration suitable for a large retail general insurer.

In addition, the company sought enhanced processes for invoice payments and greater granularity of MI reporting, to boost the tracking and analysis of its learning investment.

The Solution

To address these requirements, the company partnered with Knowledgepool in 2015 to implement a managed learning service to manage all external training provision in the UK.

As the Managed Service Provider for the company, we manage all learning activity and operational administration through a single channel to maximise return on the company’s learning investments and, ultimately, to improve the performance of their employees. Our service enables the company’s in-house learning and capability teams to focus on the more business-specific, value-add and strategic tasks and responsibilities.

People engagement and development is a core objective for the company, and with multiple brands, products and distribution channels consistency of approach and service is a key component. Knowledgepool supports this by providing a dedicated learning helpdesk and single channel for sourcing, validating, managing and administrating all external learning for the company’s circa 10,000 UK employees. Our solution highlights include:

  • Independent learning procurement, advising objectively on best-fit learning solutions, negotiated with consistent terms and preferential rates to save money
  • Efficient learning administration, providing a single channel backed by specialist technology, expert people and processes developed for consistent data capture and reporting
  • 70:20:10 approach to learning – providing professional advice and guidance to encourage the use of informal and blended learning
  • Applying our learning analytics expertise to make sense of the activity and evaluation data collated, in order to advise on learning optimisation for future activity.

The Outcome

Since the contract started in 2015, we have provided the following benefits:

  • Improved employee and Learning Capability team experience, by enhancing the availability, type and appropriateness of curricula, offering learning solutions that best meet the business’s learning needs
  • Significant cost efficiencies, reducing the cost of learning by around 20% over the term
  • Increased use of learning technology to reduce time off the job and increase overall productivity
  • Detailed Management Information to demonstrate more effectively ROI and business improvements as a result of learning, and to provide clarity and transparency on the company’s learning investments
  • Robust management and centralised governance of the company’s professional qualification commitments
  • Supplier consolidation recommendations based on market insight, to drive up discounts and provide consistency in learning delivery quality and outputs
  • Re-alignment of internal learning capability resources and services to core strategic objectives to support the change agenda and improve company performance
  • Centralised learning procurement services that reduce the risks associated with the implementation of large-scale learning solutions, whilst delivering incremental cost savings and improved quality management to the company’s business.
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