Getting a career boost in a post Covid-19 world

May 13, 2020

The need for employees of all ages to be relevant and stay relevant in the workplace has always been true.

However the current Covid-19 crisis is bringing into focus the importance of keeping up-to-date with critical skills that make us relevant to employers.

The job market is under pressure in a way not witnessed by many in their time in the workplace, whilst employers need their employees to be multi-skilled, flexible, and IT savvy to be adaptable and able to work remotely. Coupled with this, the reality for many is that time is a rare commodity – juggling work alongside a home life that may involve childcare and learning. So how does the workforce find the time, motivation and location to continue to learn?

Our experience of 10 years of creating and delivering learning courses suggests there are 4 critical steps to enabling employees to learn in times of crisis:

  1. Focus on courses that will deliver real skills for the real world – and give your CV an immediate boost by delivering directly relevant skills
  2. Learn around your home realities – you need your learning to adapt around your current pressures and priorities – be that remote working, managing co-living arrangements or family demands
  3. Engage with an established learning institution that will provide guided learning – so you are able to engage with a dedicated tutor that can keep you on track
  4. Be cost effective – it’s got to be worth the investment, both in terms of financial investment and time

Over the last 10 years colleges across England have had great success with the e-learning solutions from vision2learn, helping learners get the edge over the competition with recognised Level 1 and Level 2 courses that focus on core IT, business management, healthcare and HR professions.

  • Each course delivers a recognised qualification valued by future employers
  • All of the courses are delivered 100% online and typically take 3 months to complete
  • Free courses, suitable for all
  • All done from the comfort of your home, at a time that fits in with your other commitments
  • One-to-one personalised tutor support throughout your course.

Learners can come from a variety of different backgrounds, from those who are employed or self-employed, seeking employment or working as a volunteer. Simply put, anyone who is keen to improve their employability can benefit from a vision2learn course.

Visit vision2learn to take a further look and find a course in your area.

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